Ideal Body Weight

Ever wonder what your ideal body fat is? With the free ideal body weight calculator from YAZIO, we could tell you just that! While the question of the ideal body fat, or normal weight, is both scientifically and clinically debated, it’s generally assumed that a perfect weight can put you on the path to achieving a desirable, naturally-healthy body type. Our calculator can help to find out the ideal weight by height, in addition to the ideal weight for women and men.

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Factors Affecting Perfect weight

We are all individuals, which means what we should consider is dependent upon our individual lifestyle and lifestyle as well. Along with age, sex and height, your ideal weight should incorporate a lot of other facets. Take activity. “No activity” in comparison to “very large action” can change the “perfect” weight of an individual. As a result, individuals who are very active in sports can yield another value than somebody who might explain himself as a couch potato. Genetic make-up should also be taken into account. A petite female, will most certainly have a distinct ideal weight than that of broad- shouldered, mature male. Additional men have a tendency to naturally have a higher muscle percentage compared to girls, leading to higher ideal worth. This can be taken into account in the “Assessment” area, where you can select a body form using high fat or higher muscle percentage.